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Before and after

Almost every single lighting project calculated and supplied by GREYLITE results in considerable lighting level improvements, improved product presentation and major energysavings and running costs reductions or eliminations.

Examples from a retail shop, auto showroom and industrial production/assembly are shown below:

Retail shop

A good example of the lighting effect experienced when changing from halogen with ”warm” and yellowish light to LED with ”cooler” light.

  • Major energy- and running cost savings
  • Excellent colour rendering of the products exhibited
  • The lighting is focussed upon increasing sales
  • Short pay-back time on investment
Detail butik med gammelt lys
Detail butik med nyt lys

Automobile showroom

Changing of lighting from a ”flat” and uniform pendant system with a ”greenish” colour rendering to track mounted LED spots directed at the exhibited automobiles enhancing the presentation.
A change to ”cool white” light that brings out the chrome and metal lacquering as well as the design lines of the automobiles.

  • Major improvement in automobile presentation
  • Considerable reductions of energy consumption
  • Elimination of maintenance costs
  • Individually adapted and product enhancing light
Auto showroom med gammelt lys
Auto showroom med nyt lys


Changing of lighting solution from yellowish and dull lighting from compact fluorescent/fluorescent fixtures to an LED fixture solution that apart from enhancing the lighting levels also improved the general design of the assembly area.

  • Major light level improvements
  • Product quality enhancing light enabling the assambly staff to visualize their work
  • Elimination of ”flickering”
  • Enhanced safety and working environment
  • Energy savings
Industri montage med gammelt lys
Industri montage med nyt lys