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LED lighting fixtures with focus on customer requirements

Light drives our behaviour. Influences our mood and well being and creates atmosphere. Light is a vital part of creating shadows, contrasts and depth and defines the difference between light and darkness – hence our name GREYLITE – the balance between ”the grey” and ”the light”.

The explosive development of sustainable lighting in the form of LED driven fixtures has given the professional consumer the incentive to refurbish and invest in high quality maintenance free and energy effective lighting solutions.

GREYLITE supply high quality LED fixtures such as track spots, downlights and wall- and ceiling fixtures.


  • Offers
  • Projecting and development
  • Energy calculations
  • Documentaition


  • European production and stocking
  • In the LED market since 2004
  • Rapid delivery service
  • Low costs – competitive pricing


  • Individual product testing
  • Best chip and driver quality (conceptual technique)
  • Long liftetime (50.000 hrs)
  • Maintenance free

About us

8o percent of human perception is via the eye - the importance of light

We at GREYLITE have several years of experience in projecting sustainable and effective lighting schemes directly with the end customer as well as with advisors and opinion formers.
Customers are supplied fixtures with the latest LED technology and it is an aim of ours, to supply energysaving and sales effective LED lighting focusing on customer requirements.

Since early 2013 we have worked closely with the Dutch company Light4U B.V. who since 2004 have developed and produced LED fixtures of the highest quality (Osram and Philips technique) and are thus able to offer 5 year guarantee.


Light technical terms

The lumen value is the total amount of light from a light source defined as the amount of light measured against the sensitivity curve of the eye.

The candela is the luminous intensity, in a given direction defined as the lumenvalue per room angle.

Defined as the lumen value as it hits an area per m².

The amount of light reflected from an area in a defined direction.
The difference between light and dark areas (contrasts).

Kelvin defines the impressions of light colour and is experienced as ”warm” (low K value) or ”cold” (high K value).

Defines the ability of a light source to express colours correctly and is defined on a scale from 0 – 100 with 100 being the highest value.

The light emission from a fixture is defined as the lumenvalue of the light source per consumed wattage from the light source.

The importance of light to retail customer

An analysis and report from 2014 made ny the KTH Royal Institute of Technolgy in Stockholm has established the connection between lighting and the buying behaviour of retail customers.

  • Different colour temperatures (Kelvin) and luminance levels (lumen) in lighting fixtures can influence and direct customers to desired areas in retail shops or showrooms
  • In shop windows customers prefer high lighting levels
  • Inside shops/showrooms customer focused on Kelvin temperature and the colour rendering qualities as important
  • Variations of light levels creates contrasts and appeals to customers and creates ”feel good”
  • Customers are attracted to areas with lighting contrasts

Worth knowing

Co2 emmission

For every 1.000 Kwh saved by using LED fixtures the reduction of Co2 emission is 420 Kg

Air conditioning and cooling

For every 1.000 Kwh saved by using LED fixtures the cooling costs can be reduced be approximately 30 percent hereof i.e. + 300 Kwh

Operating costs

Reduce running costs by 60-70 percent by changing into LED fixtures


LED lighting is maintenance free


For light calculation files (IES) please go to the individual products


— GREYLITE the right choice —

The process

Simple and effective

We make it easy for the customer by handling the project from start to finish


  • Analysis
  • Definition of possible solutions
  • Adaptation to demands/requests
  • Energysavings
  • Documentaition
  • Pay-back time on investment
  • Time schedule and investment


  • General lighting quality
  • Technical uniformity

Mounting and installation

  • Mounting and installation information for the installer
  • Close cooperation with installer to ensure correct positioning and mounting


  • Adjustments and adaptations
  • Controlling and measuring of achieved light levels


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